Wordpress site (X theme) still pointing to old hosting after migration - part 2

I’ve installed WAMP now and trying to clone the website to my localhost… Will let you know once done… Thank you all

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Still not done with the clone. Just updating this to prevent this post from being closed…

Great! Please let us know how it goes.

And by the way, please make sure that your dashboard url is the same as the site url and the wordpress address url in Settings > General.


Hi Everyone

I’m done with the clone and was following this guide stopping at the 8:00 mark. Should I continue through the guide? If not, can you kindly advise what to do next? :slight_smile:


Hey @rustedfingers,

I’m sorry but I’m not sure what’s in your current setup right now because it’s locally hosted. With that said, I could not recommend if you’re going to continue following the resource or video you referred to as we have no means to check it nor compare it to your live site like what @Rad has said:

I believe @paul.r assumed you know how to completely clone a site especially taking into account the proper migration of Cornerstone data and do the comparison yourself when he suggested this:

Also, based on the details you provided, the issue was not caused by the theme. It is obviously caused by incorrect migration or WordPress setup. Please note that we do not have support for such issues. If you’re having a hard time following the resource we suggested, I’d recommend that you hire a third party developer to do the cloning for you.

Please look for hosts like pantheon.io which offers free online development sites. Once you get the clone of your site up and running, give us WP admin and FTP access to it so we could check your setup and see what’s causing the issue. Please remember, that this is outside the scope of our support like I’ve said as this is not just an issue with the theme. It’s an issue with your WordPress setup.

If you can build your site in the new domain and from scratch again, that will be the least technical solution.


@paul.r Thanks for your help before. I have finished the cloning. Could you guide me how to verify these two posibilities you mentioned before?

Thanks… I’ll see if @Rad and @paul.r could help me as they were very helpful to me before and were providing me guidance so they can help me check. They already did initial checks in my live website when I gave them the credentials some time ago.

Hi @rustedfingers,

In that case, please provide access to your cloned site. We have to do the troubleshooting for verification and comparison. We’re not really sure what’s causing this, hence, cloning is just a way to narrow down our search. There is no exact procedure, it depends on what we’ll find in your cloned site so we can’t really provide any exact guide.


Hello Rad… thank you for your reply. My cloned website is local in my laptop. How can I give you access… Shall we do screen / remote sharing? :slight_smile:

Hi @rustedfingers,

Unfortunately, that’s not currently possible. It’s affected by the speed of the internet on both our end compared to a public website.

Is there a way you can set up a temporary site online? But just a staging so we could directly check it.


Let me try this… thanks…

You’re welcome and thanks for your cooperation.

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