Woocommerce Shop Looper Issue

Hi, I love the new pro version layout builder. Super good. However I am struggling a little. I want to recreate the minimal shop you have !!

However I have created a WC Archive Page and I have set the ROW to be the Content Provider (But I cant seem to get the choice that I want this to display my Woocommerce Product Categories)
I have 4 categories of sweets that I wish to display here, is there a query string I should input here)

I have my column set to be the looper consumer and this is set to all

I can then assign this but I cannot get this page to show my 4 product categories? How can I do this to look something like you rminimal shop. at the minute I get this ;

I want my 4 categories to be like this (Not using Loopers and just settling for old Woocommerce pageI have watched all the videos and read the documents but I am still stuck. Sorry

Hi Gareth,

Thanks for reaching out.

To fully understand the loopers functionality, I want you to watch these videos that might able to help you to fix your issue.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

HI, thanks so much for your reply. I genuinely have watched these vides twice over each. Would you take a look and see how I get my categories to display from my provider. I have spent 3 days playing about, but this is playing which isnt much fun …LOL LOL LOL .

Thanks for looking into it.

Just wondering if you had any luck in finding a solution to this Shop Category problem?

Thankyou so

Hi Gareth,

At this moment, we don’t currently have a “Site Terms” Provider Type, but we’ve had discussions on it and are working to get it in this cycle, but we can’t say for sure at this time. You’d need a “Site Terms” to grab all product categories, then loop through those, then output something for each. Once that’s in, something like that would be possible. But it’s not there yet.

What you can do for now to display the Product categories in your custom layout is by following these steps:
1.) Go to Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Product Catalog > Shop Page Display. You can select “Show Categories”

2.) Go back to your custom layout and instead of using Loopers. You can utilize the “Products” element.

Hope this helps.