WooCommerce per screen size thumbnail sizes

I can’t help but notice how horrible some of the WooCommerce store images look on various screen sizes. If I optimize the thumbnails for desktop, the mobile looks off. If I optimize for mobile, desktop looks off… and we’ll leave tablets out of this for now.

So, the question is…

Is there a way to create additional thumbnail image sizes that are optimized for the screen sizes? As in, if my images in the main category page are customized for 220px for desktop, would it be possible to introduce additional sizes to adapt to the various device sizes?

So, if the @media reference was called, why not have it pick out an optimized size for that screen size, rather than kick out the ‘default’ sizes.

Hello @splaquet,

Thanks for writing in!

Please be advised that WooCommerce has its own image size used for the catalog or single product image. You can check this image size in Appearance > Customizer > WooCommerce. Perhaps this articles can help you understand how the WooCommerce image sizes works:

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

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