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I hope some of you will be able to help me. I have the latest version of X theme, cornerstone and recently I have installed the Woocommerce plugin to setup shop on our page. However I cannot add single product with Cornerstone. I’m getting error as in topic title. In Theme Options -> Woocommerce-> Single Product everything is enabled. Also I have the latest PHP version. 256 M memory limit is set.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @eyedia,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Please be advised that Cornerstone is a page builder. You can use it to edit a posts or pages. When editing a product page using content builder, you can only edit the product description area and not the whole product page layout. The product page layout is utilizing the WooCommerce templating system which layout the structure in displaying the product image on the left, product summary on the right and the rest of the product description at the bottom.

Please go to X > Theme Options > WooCommerce > Single Product and make sure Product Tabs is enabled especially the Description Tab.


If your settings are correct and you still have problems then please get back to us with the URL/User/Pass of your WordPress dashboard using the Secure Note functionality of the post to follow up the case.

Hope this helps.

Hi nabeel

I was notified of this tread but it’s not my question FYI

Hi @nabeel,
I believe I have used the same title of topic as @eyedia, sorry for that.
Yes everything is enabled but I still have no preview of the product in cornerstone.
I have pinned secure note to my first post.

Hey @franklincovey,

The login credentials don’t work. Please update us with the correct credentials.

In addition to that, please give us the URL of the page you’re trying to edit with Cornerstone.


Hi @christian,
The credentials are ok but I did update them.
It happens with every single product from woocommerce. I cannot display it in cornwrstone.
If credetials will not work when you copy them please try just to type them.

Hello @franklincovey,

I am another staff checking in and the given credentials do not work for me.
Please double check it.

Meanwhile, when you edit a product page, only the tab content of the description tab is editable. The rest of the product page layout is not.

In the future release of the theme, there will be a new feature, the Layout Builder which will allow you to create your custom layout and apply it to specific pages. You can check it out more about it in our Status Report here:

Please bear with us. Thanks.

OK, Now I know what was wrong with the password. my password had a lot of * symbols which I can see in edit tab but when I save the post those symbols do not display. I have changed password for now and updated it in secure note.

Hi @franklincovey,

Thanks for the credentials. I checked and the seems to be the Woocommerce configuration and not the builder, the product tabs aren’t appearing and it’s ignoring the configuration set in Theme Options.

I found similar issue related to Customizer (old one) and it’s caused by Multi-site setup especially the data aren’t stored the same way as on single site. Is there a way it can be converted back to single site just for testing and confirmation? You can also try cloning your site to a staging, that way, we don’t need to touch your current setup. Please check this for staging https://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-create-staging-environment-for-a-wordpress-site/, make sure to ignore staging related to plugin, it’s staging but on same copy of your site.


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