Woocommerce issue with the latest version


I experience some issues with my website: www.grapelli.nl
The front page only shows woocommerce most populair products.
i run woocommerce 3.5.1 and once i deactivate it its solved. The front page is normal again. If i remove the woocommerce block from the front page its not allowing me to save it. The message : Content failed to save.

I hope you guys find me a solution.


I downgrade my woocommerce. Issue is resolved. When will this X PRO be able to handle the latest version?


Hey @Reggierood,

The latest compatible WooCommerce version is 3.5.1 as listed in our Version Compatibility list at https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/troubleshooting-version-compatibility/195

What version did you downgrade to? And, if you can, please copy your site to a test or staging server and update WooCommerce there so we could see and post the problem in our issue tracker. Also give us the staging site’s WordPress Admin username and password in a Secure Note so we could replicate your setup in our test site so we could provide more information to our report.


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