WooCommerce Gallery is messed up on X

So I notice that X places the WooCommerce thumbnails directly on top of the product image. Many, including myself, do not like this. We want the product gallery to appear underneath the featured product image. I’ve followed steps on previous questions to get the images where we want them. Now, for some reason the images are lining up in uneven rows after adding your suggested code. How can I

A) made the product gallery thumbnail images bigger? About 50x50 would work.

B) keep the product images straight and clean, even if they need to break into a second line…?

URL: https://tinyurl.com/y7uk59vd

cannot figure out how to delete my post - but I corrected this with some CSS.

Hi Ryan,

Actually, that is not the X theme which causes the thumbnails to go to the top of the gallery. That is the new gallery system of the Woocommerce in new versions.

Please read this article to know how you can bring the thumbnails back to the bottom and resize them to show it like the previous versions.

Thank you.

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