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Hi have created a page to display WooCommerce dynamic content but I can not see to style the Product Gallery as you can see at https://rabeys.umbobotati.co.uk/product/isuzu-d-max-artic-diesel-automatic/

I would like all the images in the Product Gallery to be displayed.
Any guidance on what I should do?

Hi the URL is now live for your review.

Hey @tapper65,

Thanks for writing in! Please make sure that you have inserted the product gallery images.

And then in your custom WC Single layout, use the “Product Gallery” WooCommerce dynamic element.

It may not display in the preview, you can save your work and view it live in the frontend.

Hope this helps.

I had used the WooCommerce Product Gallery but the front end display does not look right.
See attached.

Hi @Tapper65,

I have checked the page thoroughly and found the Car Dealer plugin which is the reason behind the problem. I would suggest you deactivate the plugin and check if that resolves your problem or not, if it solves it, please report it to the Plugin Author. Please remember that we don’t offer any support to 3rd Party plugins or related issues.


I have disabled the Car Dealer plugin, the WooCommerce Product Gallery displays better but still not right.
As per attached, what do I need to change to make the small images on the right hand side larger?

Hey @tapper65,

That’s the default layout for the product gallery thumbnail. If you wish to make it big, we need to add custom CSS. You may use the CSS code below and add it to your Global CSS.

.flex-control-nav.flex-control-thumbs li {
	height: 50px;
	width: 50px;
.flex-control-nav.flex-control-thumbs img {
	height: auto;

Just change the height and width value to your desired outcome. Please note that custom CSS code is outside the scope of our support. Issues that might arise from the use of custom CSS code and further enhancements should be directed to a third-party developer or you can avail One where we can answer questions outside of the features of our theme.

Hope that helps.

Brilliant, many thanks

Hi @tapper65,

Glad that we are able to help you.


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