WooCommerce customization via CSS didn't work

Hello! I really need your help. I have spent at least 3 days trying to sort out several things in my website; I have even gotten the dreadful white screen and sorted it out without any FTP previous knowledge. I have seen hours of tutorials, tried adding specific front-end code snippets into the functions.php file of my child theme, but also in the customize appearance section. I also installed and activated the woocommerce customizer plug in. It worked for certain sections, but not for the ones I am writing about below:

Name of the shop
Even if the name of the page has been modified to “Tienda”, the website still displays “The Shop”. I tried to modify this using the following code both in the functions.php file of my child theme and in the Appearance>customize>custom>edit global css:

ddfilter( ‘woocommerce_page_title’, ‘woo_shop_page_title’);

unction wooshop_page_title( $page_title ) {

if( ‘Shop’ == $page_title) {
return “Product Catalog”;

None of the options worked. I’ve also checked that the page is really called “Tienda” and not “The Shop”, which I confirm. Any advise on how to make this work, please!!!

I also need to change the font color for the Title, but haven’t been able to invest any time on this.

Subtitle in the Shop

I also need to change this text as my site is in Spanish and it currently displays in English, as well as the font color.

Products per row

In the customize section in WooCommerce that was activated after I installed the plug in I have made changes to display 3 products per row and 12 products per page. But changes are not reflected on the site.

Reviews tab and title of cross sale products and upsale products

I need to customize the given text that appears in the reviews tab as I need to translate it into Spanish. I do not need a translation plug in - I tried loco plug in but wasn’t performing as I expected so I deactivated it, and I also need to translate specific sections or buttons that I am not able to customize, not every word in my page.

"Apply coupon" button in cart page

I have been able to modifiy the text in the “apply coupon” button but in the checkout page, not in the cart page. How can I do this?

By the way, my site is www.naturalmexico.com.mx

Tons of thanks!!!

Hey there,

Judging your writing it seems that you have cache plugin available on your website which prevents some aspects of your changes to show in the front after of the website. If that is the case please kindly Purge all caches and deactivate your cache plugin at the moment.

  1. The name of the shop can be changed from Woocommerce > Settings > Products > Display:

2, 3, 4) To change the texts that are in the theme itself and not in the options of the Woocommerce please kindly read the translation article which will help you translate different aspects of the theme to Spanish:

Thank you.

Thank you. As I told you, I am new to this so, can you please guide me to find out if I have a cache plug in installed? Which cache plug in should I be looking for? The only one I don´t completly identify is akismet. Could that be it?

About 1) I can confirm that the name of the page for my Shop is “Tienda”, I have also checked that the permalink actually says “Tienda”. However, I still get the title saying “The Shop”.

You can try with this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-super-cache/.

To change the shop page title, please navigate to Customizer > Integrity > SHOP OPTIONS > Shop Title:

Thank you for the instructions to change the Shop Title. They worked fine!

About the cache plug in super-cache I can confirm I don´t have it installed. Is there any other reason why I cannot change the number of products per row and columns?

I have also tried to change the order in which the products in the line appear following the guidelines I found in previous comment in the forum:

I had the same question as well, but I think I figured it out. If you go to Woocommerce -> Settings -> Products -> Display then change Default Product Sorting to “Default sorting (custom ordering + name)”

Shop and Product Pages

Then go to Products -> Click on Product Name then in the Product Data section click on Advanced and change the Menu order to whatever you want it to be. 0 will appear first and the bigger numbers will appear after.

Menu Order

All the products start out as 0 I believe and so you’ll have to change those around first to determine the order they will appear in.

With no luck :frowning: It seems that any change I try to do to WooCommerce does not show in the front end.

So it seems that, after moving buttons and commands around for a while, I have been able to change most of the things I needed to change. The only thing I am missing now is the color of the font of the title and subtitle of the Shop page.

I have tried to do that via CSS code, but with no success so far.

I have been able to change not the actual font, but the section where the title and subtitle of the shop are by including the following code in Customize > appearance > additional css.

It seems I have been able to sort out everything I needed in my shop. Txs!

Glad it’s all sorted.