[woocommerce_checkout] blank page and strange text

Hello Team

We are having issues with the checkout page when using the [woocommerce_checkout] using Cornerstone. When inserted in a row, classic row, text or classic text the screen is either blank or has an old version on the T&C’s loading at the top.

When not using Cornerstone and entered directly as text ir works however then I can customize the page. This defeats the point of using a page builder.

I have deactivated all plugins and updated the system for testing.

Site address (URL): https://www.staging4.noble-pro.com
WooCommerce version: 3.9.0
Cornerstone by Themeco – 4.1.2
Parent theme version: 7.1.2

Hey Stefan

Thanks for writing in! Regretfully we cannot check your site because it is throwing an error message:

redirected you too many times.
Try clearing your cookies.

Please double check it. You may need to contact your hosting provider if possible.

Hello Team

Please follow the link below and go to the chechout page.

The latest X Thmese seems to have our dated Woocommerce templates

x/woocommerce/notices/error.php version 3.5.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.9.0,
x/woocommerce/notices/notice.php version 3.5.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.9.0,
x/woocommerce/notices/success.php version 3.5.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.9.0,
x/woocommerce/single-product/related.php version 3.0.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.9.0,

I am unsure if this effects the issue

Hey Stefan,

We do not support using Cornerstone for the Checkout page as there are various issues depending on server and/or WordPress configuration and it is not feasible to take them all into account.

In the setups where the Checkout page works in Cornerstone, the Checkout shortcode is placed in the Classic Raw Content element and this works in your site.

If you encounter more issues with the Classic Raw Content setup, please use the default WordPress Editor.

Hope that helps and thank you for understanding.

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