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My problem:
Through “Layout” I created the arrangement of the products in the different categories. Now when I click in a category it shows me the products as I wanted them. My problem is how to insert different elements like Paragraph Titles, Images etc for each category if the category page refers to only one Layout Design. I mean I made a layout and that layout is used for all category pages, but how can I add different elements in different category pages?

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There are two ways to approach your concerns. Please check all the details below.

First Option:
Create Archive Layout Builder for each of your Product category and assigned it to the specific category. In that way, you will have different layout of your product category.


Second Option:
Display an element using the element conditions. Let say, I have a text element and then I want that element to be displayed on my specific category. To do that, we need to use the string condition in the element.

For example, Sub Category 1 is one of my Product Categories.

Then to display the text on the Sub Category 1, we need to use the string condition.

In the string field you should add this dynamic code {{dc:term:name}} then the condition should be set to is and the last field is the name of your category.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

Thank you!

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