WooCommerce Braintree credit/debit card input form not showing

Hi i have installed WooCommerce and Braintree plugin by Skyverge so i can take credit card transactions direct from my website.

However i have correctly connected Braintree and Woocommerce but the credit card input form and the place order button are not showing.

When i switched over to TwentyTwenty WordPress theme the Braintree input form showed up and everything worked.

There are no plugin conflicts as i have disabled everything including the other payment gateways i am using.

Its just not showing in X.

I have left Braintree enabled on my checkout page. All the html for Braintree is there but no show.

Please advise

Kind Regards


Update it appears to be working on X

but not the X-child theme.

OK sorry it does appear to be something within my child theme css so i will investigate further. Can you please leave this thread open so i can report back what fixed it.

Kind Regards



Ok it appears that it was this piece of css which was stopping the Braintree form from showing:

ul.wc_payment_methods.payment_methods.methods{display: none!important;} /*removes paypal text and link*/

Which i was using to hide the input box and what is PayPal text. Strange that but true.

Now i have removed it the Braintree form shows up and the PayPal button and the Amazon Pay button which are all working. So i just need to restyle. Hope this may help others. Lee

Hey Lee Kane,

We are just glad that you have figured it out a way to correct the said issue.
Thanks for letting us know!

Best Regards.