Woocomerce fonts not matching rest of the site

Hi there, I have just noticed my woocomerce fonts are different - descriptions, headings etc don’t seem to match the fonts I have chosen in the settings on cornerstone, they are all on the homepage and all my other pages just not anything to do with the shop. How do I get it all to match? I don’t like the font in woo at all.

Hello Nonie,

Thanks for writing in!

The shop page and the WooCommerce pages were using the global typography settings. At the moment, it is set to “Antic” font family. If you want to change it to “Annie Use Your Telescope” or “Montserrat”, please go to X > Theme Options > Typography and change the font. If you are using the font manager, you will have to change the font families in the font manager instead. To know more about the font manager, please check this out: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/font-manager/101/1

Hope this helps.

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