WooCheckout Editor Radio Buttons Not Laid Out Proper

We’re using your Woo Checkout Editor plugin and when a radio button field is added to the checkout form, it lays it out in a weird way. It puts the field label on the left and the choices on the right with no padding in between columns, plus the radio buttons are above the label instead of next to it. The checkbox field does not have either of these issues. What’s the deal?

Also, this plugin is not compatible with HPOS, which is the default for all new WooCommerce stores, so it’s essentially an abandoned plugin at this point until it’s updated.

Hello @co50,

Which stack are you using? Please be advised that the Starter and Blank stacks do not have much styling for some plugins. You will have to style other elements when using one of these stacks.


On this site we use Renew.

Hello @co50,

To help you with your concerns we need to check your exact page URL I would suggest you please share the exact page URL so that we can check it and guide you properly.


We couldn’t leave it like this so we switched to a different checkout plugin altogether. But I did want to report it to you along with the exact plugins and situation where the issue occurs.

Hi @co50,

Please let us know the details so we can check what exactly causes the issue here.