Widgets page is blank

I want to make some changes to the Content Dock. But when I go to Appearance > Widgets, that page is completely blank. So there is nowhere for me to edit the content of my widgets, including the Content Dock. Please advise!

Here’s a screenshot of the blank page: https://snipboard.io/IQpKZM.jpg

Hello @capodanno,

Thanks for reaching out! A blank screen could mean that there is a fatal error going on. It can be caused by an outdated plugin or any other thing. Please go to your plugins section first and make sure that all the plugins are up to date. Second, go to Tools > Site Health and make sure that there are no Performance issues going on.

If the above suggestions still do not work and the blank white screen is still going on, kindly enable the debug mode. You can do this by opening wp-config.php and adding

define('WP_DEBUG', true);

/* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

When you revisit the widget page or the blank white screen, you should have some error output describing the issue in more detail.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

Updating plugins had no effect, but updating Pro did make things better. I was able to make the content change I needed, but I could tell there’s still an issue, so I tried debugging, which returned the following:

Notice: wp_enqueue_script() was called incorrectly. “wp-editor” script should not be enqueued together with the new widgets editor (wp-edit-widgets or wp-customize-widgets). Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 5.8.0.) in /home/ayho5wolgo00/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 5535

Any idea what I need to do?

Hi @capodanno,

It seems that you added the wp_enqueue_script() in your WordPress page editor. I suggest that you remove the script function and it should be added in the functions.php in your child theme.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

I appreciate your feedback, and I understand there’s some script that I need to move to my functions.php file. But I can’t seem to locate where it currently appears. Where are you finding this script? I looked in Global CSS, but don’t see it there.

I’m not recalling why I may have added this, which is probably why I can’t find where I put it! Any more clues would be greatly appreciated!

Hello @capodanno,

If you want to edit your child theme, you normally go to Appearance > Theme Editor. I already have checked it and there is no such code in the functions.php file. A 3rd party plugin could be causing the issue. Since you are using WordPress 5.8, please ensure that all your plugins are up to date as well.


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