Widgets are too basic

I bought X and Pro in the hopes that many nice widgets will readily available and I don’t have to do much except fill in the content. But the widget themselves are too basic e.g. I was hoping for a nice portfolio page, but all I get is square images. The non-premium widgets do not justify the high learning curve that this theme has. I am not satisfied with this theme and would like a refund.

Hi There,

First of all thanks for choosing our theme, and I’m sorry to hear that you couldn’t find widgets available in the theme that you are looking for. But we have a bunch of custom elements in the Cornerstone and Pro page builder which helps to build any kind of design pages. The elements are similar to widgets, you can drag and drop to build your layout.
You can check the Knowledgebase for more clarification and how to use them.

Regarding the portfolio page, you can use any of the grid extension coming with the theme to make custom design portfolio page. Please check this two extension it might help you to get started.

Is there a specific look that you’re trying to achieve? I’m sure that we help get you set up if you give us a bit more information.

Also I noticed that you had a Pro license, but did you know that our X theme includes a range of expanded demos that would give you fully stylised pages, from which you could simply swap out the content as you need to? We’d be happy to get you on to that if you would prefer to take that path…

Either way, if you have any specific questions regarding our themes, we would be very happy to assist you.


I was looking for this in X/Pro.

However “Pro” gives me this when I follow Portfolio instructions. This does not seem like a Pro widget from any perspective. I could do way better by writing code myself.

Also the “Elements” you mentioned look too basic to me. I was expecting way more advanced widgets than accordion and headline.

Hi Kunal,

I understand what you’re saying, you can do that with the Classic Feature Box element.

See what the other Cornerstone elements can do here.

You can learn more about Cornerstone/ Content Builder from here (see the Cornerstone / Content Builder section).

Actually, the V2 elements have a lot to offer, please turn on the Advance Mode, under Settings > Preference

Hope this helps,

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