Why can't I design portfolio item in Cornerstone?

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I’m trying to customize the way a portfolio item looks. On one of our clients websites that was never an issue, but on this one I can’t seem to get Cornerstone to work properly. I don’t want to use the standard portfolio layout but I’d like to create a page from scratch consisting of 2 columns: left a slideshow, right some text and a button:
The specifics of what the slider looks like in the example is for now irrelevant but the point is my Cornerstone won’t budge. I can’t remove the meta-data and the sharing icons (I tried to turn it off in the theme’s options a 100 times but they keep coming back). Besides that it seems every content is being dropped into .entry-wrap .cf. I don’t want that. I want a full width blank slate on which I can create 2 columns, drop the slider in one, text in the other.
What am I doing wrong here? Cuz on the other clients website I had the freedom to do whatever I want on portfolio-items.

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I’ll post a temporary URL and login in a secure note.

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To make your single portfolio fullwidth, please add this custom CSS under Theme Options > CSS:

.x-portfolio .entry-info,
.x-portfolio .entry-extra {
    width: 100%;
    margin-bottom: 25px;

To remove the meta-data and the sharing icons, please add this:

.x-portfolio .p-meta,
.x-portfolio .entry-extra {
    display: none;

If you would like to learn CSS, I am sharing few resources that you take a look to get started with CSS and an interesting tool that you can use to speed up the development process.

I recommend you to watch following video that will help you to get started with CSS.


Sometimes it can get a bit difficult to find out the right selector to be able to write the required CSS codes. A handy tool that can help you in this is Google Chrome dev tools. I am sharing the resource that you can refer to get started with dev tools.





Thank you for the pointers. I know my way around CSS but thanks for the video. I was just wondering if I was missing a setting and why the Theme Options are so buggy. I’ve been reading some other topics that are also talking about bugs in the Theme Options. You know anything about that?

Hi There @Youprinting

This is actually a confirmed bug (Theme Option’s Meta & Sharing functionality) which we have already submitted to our issue tracker. Our developers will release a fix for this within future updates.

Thanks for understanding.

Thanks for your reply and help!

You’re most welcome!

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