White Space between rev slider

How do I get rid of white space from rev slider above and below the slider, I have 4 sliders on my page

Hello Marshae,

Thanks for writing in! Did you insert the slider in a Section, Row, and Column setup? In most cases, the space is coming from the top/bottom padding of your Section element.

Set the padding to 0 to resolve your issue. if this does not help, please send us the URL of the page where we can find those sliders.


All my padding is set to zero and still have a lot of white space. Sending a secure note. Please let me know how you resolved because these are only test images.

Hi @mhannor,

To get rid of the of the white spacing of your Revolution Slider, you need to adjust the browser height under Layer Size area.

Hope that helps.

You Rock but what about on the cellphone, how do I get rid of the white space there? I tried changing it on the mobile tab but it did nothing.

I was able to get rid of the majority of the white space but there is still a bit more white space with the cell phone. Is this where I change padding?

I figured it out with the padding and learned in the process. Thank you!!!

Hey @mhannor,

We’re glad that you’re able to figure it out! If you have any other concerns or clarifications regarding our theme features, feel free to open up a new thread.

Thank you.