Which Slider?

i new buyer of X theme and testing it now.
the important issue faced is slider plugin activation
both slider revolution & layer slider don’t able to activation with purchase code.
when i want to buy you write slider in features but now both of them cant be get updates in future.
please tell me if i mistake or you have other registered plugin ?

Hi @alhakim2020,

Thanks for writing in.

Little confuse of the inquiry.

In regards to the both plugins, you don’t need them to be activated because they are already activated by the theme or already integrated to the theme. However bundled version is one step below version because it is configured to the latest version of the theme. For more details, you could check the link below:

Hope it helps.

Let us know how it goes.


thanks for your reply
i mean it’s not activated
you can see it in the screen shot attached.
if we used it get new updates ?
don’t face problem in future?
thanks again.

Hey @alhakim2020,

Don’t worry about the Not Activated status. That is normal if you bundle Slider Revolution to a product like in the case for our themes. Updates are managed by us. For details about this, please see the link posted previously by Nico.

I’m not sure by what you exactly mean by “don’t face problem in future?” but, if there will be bugs discovered, you can report it to us and will forward it to ThemePunch, Slider Revolution’s creator.


really after testing X theme i be more happy to chosen it.:thumbsup:

You are most welcome and glad that you like our theme.


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