Where to find Pro Theme?

Hey there,

I just purchased PRO but I’m not sure about the theme situation. Do I have to buy X also? Or does PRO have their own theme included somehow?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hey Max,

You can download Pro your dashboard. You don’t have to buy X.


thanks christian. So I just install Pro in my WP Dashboard under “Plugins” right?

No. Pro, like X, is a theme so you need to install it in Appearance > Themes. After that, please see our Knowledge Base for usage instructions.


okay thanks - but for what do I use the Pro Child Theme?

It is best practice to install and activate the child theme in order for you to customize (needs developer knowledge) Pro in the future if needed.


thanks a lot, but how do I use a child theme? So how does it work, can you explain this to me? :slight_smile:

thanks christian!

You’re welcome, Max. Here is the setup instruction and more details about the child theme.

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