Where did Contact Forms on Design Cloud go?


All the Contact Forms on Design Cloud seems to be missing? I can see the preview in the overview, but when I go click one of them, there’s nothing to see…

Hello @Kobber,

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Please sure you have installed and activated Contact form 7 before you import the Design cloud template. After importing the template from the design cloud you need to go to the page click on the “Load Template” after that you can select the template and then insert the template.
Please have a look at the given screenshot below.


Hope it helps

Yes, I know that. What I was trying to say, is that if you click on of the 4 Contact Forms layouts in Design Cloud - not on “Install” but on the bitmap to see a live example of the Contact Form, there is nothing.

This is an example from Creative Contact Forms 3…

Hi Kobber,

Thanks for providing all the additional details!

I suspect this could be a bug and have reported it to the developers for investigation. On the other hand, if you use the contact form creative layout you can still use the template.

Thank you.