Where can I hire a Tech to fix some javascript & jquery issues my site is having?

I’m having continued jquery & javascript issues with my website and that is just well beyond my scope of expertise.

Does anyone know where I can find a reasonably priced Technician that is familiar with Pro & can help me iron out the last of my problems?

I hope this type of post is allowed here, if not I apologize.

Why don’t you start by asking the questions here, possibly posting a link to your site and maybe posting to the facebook group. You may even get a simple fix from someone.

Well here is this test only getting a 77% score after disabling some of the Core plugins like Modern Events Calendar, Essential Grid.

Here is the latest gtmetrix test:

I currently have Revolution Slider activated, but that seems to be the cause of some of the java issues. This is also a plugin I would like to fully utilize as I like it’s features, but not to the point of it slowing down my website’s speed.

Other plugins like Yoast SEO seem to drag the speed of my site down for some reason. I need to get things fully optimized so I can utilize this plugin to it’s fullest without a negative impact on my site’s speed.

As of lately I seem to have a couple hundred .php in Google Search Console now too.

I’ve posted this on the forums here, but site support said it’s coming from:

"We found the console errors you mentioned, which comes due to the CDN server and might be from the WPMU DEV plugin issue.
As this is not a theme issue I would suggest you to contact Plugin Developer on this.

We don’t provide support to the Third Party plugins."

So I contacted WPMU Dev support and while they are really good, I didn’t seem to get any where as they pointed the fingers at something else and they suggested me to do this:

"Console showed error with server “server 5xxx” and error log shows “client denied by server configuration” so it’s connected with the current issue, being a permission issue with configuration

And have them verify why you are getting client denied configuration error for the files shown in error log. Let them know you are seeing a server error on Google console for this files as well"

I definitely need to utilize a plugin like Smush Pro & Hummingbird Pro to help with all of my image sizes and scaling as my website has a lot of graphics and images.

At this point I really just need a reasonably priced pro, who is extremely familiar with X Theme Pro to get behind the scenes and really start figuring out these high-level programming issues. I’ve exhausted my technical abilities and this has drawn out well over a year with lots of frustration on my end.

If someone is willing to help me fully optimize my site, please PM me!

Thank you!

Still up for hiring a Specialist to help me fully Optimize my site.

If you’re interested, please PM me!

Thank you!

Anyone have any suggestions? I don’t need a lot of work, just enough to take me me that last 10% of optimization.


I am interested in this kind of help too; If this is you, please contact via email to arias.alfredo@gmail.com with the subject line “Wordpress optimization wizard”