What Plugins are Needed to Run X?

I am running the standard X version, Not Pro, and I was looking to streamline my plugins. I know certain plugins came when I purchased and installed X, and I was just wondering which ones they were and if they are still needed for the theme to operate properly.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for reaching out.

The required plugin for X theme is just cornerstone and it’s automatically installed once you visit Admin > X > Validation. But of course, you’ll wait a bit for it to be installed :slight_smile:

There are bundled plugins to the theme but they are optional depending on what you need to achieve. Example, if you wish to display a slider then you must install Revolution Slider plugin. You can find the bundled plugins on the same area of Admin > X > Validation.

But you have to validate it first to allow bundled plugin installation.


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Thank you Rad. That is exactly what I was looking for.

You’re most welcome!

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