What are the recommended cache plug-ins for Ethos 1

I am using theme Ethos 1 and have W3 total cache plug-in installed.
Lately this plug-in has been causing my site to slow down a lot. on GT metrix my site speed is only 68% and most issues are related to ‘leverage browser caching’ and CSS.

I want to change the plug in and try other good well known plug-ins but I see WP super cache and WP fastest cache are not tested with Ethos 1.
Are they still safe to install?

Thank you

Hello Rashmi,

Thanks for writing in!

Most of the caching plugins do fine job of optimizing the website performance. Regarding the plugins you have mentioned in the later part of the ticket, I suggest you to install those plugins on a test or staging server and then see the performance.

I ran a speed test on GTmetrix . and for your website I see the Page Speed Score (73%) and YSlow score (65%). At the same time the page load time is around 4.4s. In the same result I see couple of bad request resulting in 404 messages for bunch of images. I suggest you to take a closer look and if possible fix them as they will help you to improve the score.

Test result also suggest you to serve scaled images. Please take a look at following resources for more information on the same.

As for the issues related with leverage browser caching, please take a look at following resources for some solutions:


Thanks Prashant.

For some reason I could only find a few images from the scaled images issue that I was able to resolve. For the remaining images I can’t find them on my wordpress (image gallery) and neither could I locate those in my Bluehost> cpanel> File manager.

I can’t delete or optimize them if I can’t find them! Bluehost, not surprisingly, has been no help at all.

Since I don’t want to touch the .htaccess file (not a tech friendly person) I decided to try a cache plug-in instead to resolve the leverage browser caching issue.

Can a cache plug-in and and an image optimization plug-in help solve these issues?

Thank you

Hi Rashmi,

Yes, those can be resolve by plugins.

You can try the following third party plugins

For more information kindly refer to the link below

Hope this helps

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