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I recently upgraded my X theme to the latest version and wordpress as well. But once with the upgrade i lost all the customised translation in Romanian languange so my website is just partial translated now (on checkout etc…there are words in english and in romanian as well).
I tried to reinstall the Romanian language from a backup i have before making the upgrades, more exactly i created a folder "languages"in /public_html/wp-content/themes/x-child/ on my website and i copied all the files from the back up folder wp-content/themes/languages/ but seems the website still doesn’t load the customised translation i had before the upgrade. Did i miss anything ? Should i do anything else to"activate"the translation from child folder?

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Hey @danb19866,

You will need to load the child theme’s language in functions.php. Please see Uploading your Translation in a Child Theme in our Translation guide.

If that does not work, please turn off the server access restriction to both cPanel and FTP. Right now, I get this message:

Your connection to this server has been blocked in this server’s firewall.



Please try to login now. I disabled ModSecurity from CPannel.


First of all in order for your translation files to be loaded, your WordPress language settings should be set to “Romanian” language not English language as you have it right now:

Then, we need to know which strings exactly you didn’t get translated on the front end, so we can determine if they are related to WordPress, the theme or WooCommerce plugin.


Changed the WordPress language to Romanian and everything looks perfect now meaning i see all the translation including the ones i made to plugins. Thanks a lot for the support! You’re the best!

Glad to hear that. :slight_smile:

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