Website Speed & Meta Data

Hey guys!

Ive recently came across a problem putting together my portfolio so I looked over the support form to hopefully solve my problem but after not figuring it out, I’ve last resorting to emailing you guys! On I am trying to get rid of the tag that say image and the date when I hover over the featured image. I’ve try a handful of plugins and none seemed to do the trick. How can I override this?

Also, since my website is for a photographer, my file sizes will be very large at a high quantity. How would I speed up the website while keeping the same image image size and not compromising the quality or speed?

Appreciate you guys help!


Hi There,

Please add the following CSS under Customizer > Custom > Global CSS:

.x-portfolio .entry-cover-content > span {
    display: none;

Please take a look at this article: