Website running insanely slow

So my client’s website ( was running normaly, and since 2 weeks ago it suddenly started to load super slowly for no particular reason, I’ve not touched anything on it.

The images on it are not currently optimised, however the main issue is that the dashboard is also running super slowly, when I get in, it takes about a minute to go between different sections.

Another issue that my client pointed was that when people try to access the official google link for the website, they get sometimes either ads, either “Safari cannot open the page becaue the server cannot be found”

I got in touch with the hosting support and they recommended to me to install caching plugin, which I did, and also paid a guy to go and check for malware, which he also did and said that he fixed the issues, however nothing is changed.

I’m quite lost at this point, do you have any ideas what might be causing this and how it should be fixed, I’ve created quite a few wordpress websites but this never happened before.

Hello @vlntnt,

Please check our article regarding performance:

Needless to say that the performance is a tricky business and it depends on many factors from the hosting service provider to how much content you add to the page.

We always do our best to have the best internal code of the theme regarding the performance. The rest is up to the techniques you can use which are mentioned in the article I gave.

Thank you.

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