Website menu wrong

Why all the sudden is our website menu showing up like this on both Firefox DESKTOP and Chrome MOBILE?

What changes have you made to the theme?

We have not been in the site at all, so it’s not anything our team has done. It has to be something on your theme’s end that you changed in the code, etc.

Please advise on how to fix this so we can get it corrected.

We need to get this fixed immediately, as we are in a promotion for a live event soon and people will be going to our site, and mostly on mobile. We will lose all that event traffic, because of this templates wonky issues, if we can’t get this corrected quickly. It just changed entirely on its own.


Thanks for writing to us.

I checked your site on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox it seems that it is working fine at my end. Please have a look at the given screenshot in the secure note. It might be the issue of browser cache at your end please clear your browser cache and then check it again. If the issue still persists please let us know your browser version.


Thank you - you’re right! It was the Cache in FF. Once cleared, it fixed this issue. My apology. This issue is resolved.


Glad that we are able to help you, please feel free to open a new thread if you have any more concerns.