Website load time slow, especially mobile site

Tested my site URL on Google insights. Score result was mobile 11 and desktop 45.

Also used Google test my site and mobile was 4.5 sec on a 4G connection.

I am looking for ways to speed up my Google loading score and and have tried various plugins with little improvement.

Can anything be done to the theme to improve page load rates? I don’t know how light X is.

Hi @patrickju1,

We have a good article which you can start your work on:

Needless to say that the performance is a tricky business and it depends on many factors from the hosting service provider to how much content you add to the page.

We always do our best to have the best internal code of the theme regarding the performance. The rest is up to the techniques you can use which are mentioned in the article I gave.

Thank you.

Thanks for your reply and the article. It is very helpful. After configuring W3 total cache the Pingdom score for my site is 5.49s.
I suspect i’ll be looking for another hosting company.

You’re more than welcome, glad we could help.


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