Website doesn’t show page-content (No. 2)


Thats an answer to “Website doesn’t show page-content”. I write that here because the topic is closed.

I upgraded the PHP-Speicherlimit now.

In the display on the dashboard I can see the change. But the page-content isn’t shown. All seems to be like before.

What could I do next?

Thank you.

Hi @praxisfrankulbrich ,

Thanks for writing in.

I checked and all the content are created in visual composer where shortcode format is too old. It can’t be read by visual composer itself. You should re-compose your content using newer version of visual composer.

This is not theme specific since it’s not working on other themes too, I checked it. Or perhaps, your previous theme has visual elements specific to that theme. Hence, switching to another theme disables that. Example, the [trx_section] shortcode is not part of visual composer, but your content has it.

Hence, the only solution is redoing your content using standard elements.



Ok thanks for your help.

I decided so install wordpress completly new.

Can I use the same pucharse key for theme x, when I have an new installation of wordpress?


Hey There,

Yes you can use the license code to validate your new installation. Just make sure that the license code is assign to the url of your new installation. You can do that by visiting your licenses page ( Please keep in mind that you can use the license code to validate two sites at the same time. It could be for your live site and your staging site.

Hope this helps.

Ok then I’ll do this.

Thank you!

Glad we were able to help. In case if you need further information, you can refer to our product validation guide here (



now I installed all completly new. But the page content isn´t still not shown.

I hope we can find the error fastly.

Hi @praxisfrankulbrich

Could you please provide us with your website link along with Dashboard login details in a Secure Note? I tried to visit the website I added in the Secure Note but I think it’s under construction as I couldn’t see the frontend.



here are the login details.


@Startup10, @colesmanagement

Let’s discuss your issues on your threads :slight_smile:

His current issue is different, he switched from old theme that has specific elements and shortcodes which weren’t carried when they switched to our theme. It’s only normal for nonexisting element and shortcodes to disappear.


Hi @Rad,

what can I do now? Finally I installed all new and there isn´t anything old.

What could be the problem?

Thank you.

Hi Frank,

I tested the case by adding another test page and with no plugins and it still has a problem. I checked the WP Server Info and the settings seem to be ok.

We do not have such a problem in our installations that is why I have 2 possible cases in my mind which you need to test:

  1. There is a problem with your installation and database, Please check the case with a completely new WordPress installation and Theme installation.

Judging the number of plugins you have already on the site it seems that you did not check the case by having a complete vanilla WordPress installation.

  1. It might be a server restriction that causes the errors below:

Maybe it is the mod_security settings which prevent the builder to work.

You need to move your website to another server or your local machine to test the case.

Thank you.


i tried to start the website from my computer, but thats too difficult, XAMPP doesn’t show the control panel and I can’t start the website with the mysql.

And I have not enough time to test.

I installed Wordpress completly new. Does not it have to be a server problem?


Hello @praxisfrankulbrich,

Thanks for updating the thread. :slight_smile:

The second point that my colleague @christopher.amirian mentioned is related with server configuration. That’s the reason why we are suggesting you to more the website to a different server instance and see how it goes.

My colleague has also shared the migration guide link that will help you to move website. I request please go through the same. As you are using I am sharing few tutorials, please take a look.


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