We are sorry. The demo failed to finish importing


I am trying to import integrity 1 theme. But every time I get this problem. Try to resolve this problem quickly. Tried every possible solution like reinstalling, deleting the cache and increasing the timeout etc.

Hey @Adnanhmd,

Since you’ve tried different solutions already, the problem might be with your host. Please try the solutions suggested here. If that doesn’t help, please give us WP Admin and FTP access in a Secure Note.


How to share the credentials on the secure note ???

Please see the Secure Notes section in How To Get Support.


Sent please help at the earliest.

Here’s the error

Operation timed out after 5000 milliseconds with 156375 out of 219476 bytes received" message: "We're sorry, the demo failed to finish importing.

This means your host’s timeout setting is low. Please contact your host to increase the timeout. I’ve tried increasing it using htaccess but it won’t take effect. Maybe this is not allowed in your host. If that is the case, regretfully, you will need to move to a better hosting provider. Here’s a guide in choosing web hosts.


See just two days before I could import. Apart from integrity 1 I can import all other themes. Issue is something else.

Do you mean you can import other demos? Or, do you mean you can import demos of other themes? Please contact your host to increase the timeout first.


Yes, Other demos of the X theme I can import and from last 15 days, I could integrity 1 as well.

Problem is something else. Please help this problem comes only sometimes.

Hey @Adnanhmd,

As previously said, I tested increasing the execution time but it doesn’t take effect. This is a problem with your web host. They might have changed something in the server that affected the execution time. Please contact your host. We can do nothing on our end.

Thank you for understanding.

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