Wanted demo content in Pro, do I need to change Pro license to X Theme?

I purchased the Pro license yesterday, thought all X Theme assets were included in Pro. I intended to use one of the Renew 2 demos as a complete content install. I just started to look inside Pro, I see X Theme demo content is not available.

I haven’t built anything on the site yet, so how best can I change the license to X Theme so I can use the demo content?

Appreciate your guidance in getting me started!

Hi Stephanie,

Thank you for writing in, even though the PRO does not have the standard and expanded demo, it does have the Design Cloud where you can import various templates that you can use, please check that out and reconsider.

Here you can download the Renew 2 demo’s Theme Options settings and Homepage Template, please import that to your site if you really want the renew 2.

Import the homepage template via Template Manager

And import the Theme Options settings via X > Validation > Theme Options Manager

Keep in mind that standard demos like Renew 2, only include place-holder images that you need to replace with your own images.

Hope it helps,

Thanks for the direction, I’ll check out the Design Cloud and get back on the forum if I need further support. Appreciate your help!

You’re welcome!
We’re glad we were able to help you out.

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