Want to change to a google font in content area

I am running the Expanded demo- Auto theme and am wanting to change the font to a google font I am using in my revolution slider.
Can I do this? If so, do I have to enter a CSS code? If so, where do I find the code for the font and where to I add it? Do I need to add it to every page individually?
Sorry, never done this before. only took one css class years ago.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Stephanie,

Thank you for writing in, please navigate to Font Manager and list all the Google Fonts that you need.

Then navigate to Theme Options > Typography > Font Manager and enable it.

Then scroll down a little bit and find the Body Font option to choose a default font for your content.

You can also choose font in element level if you need that element to have a different font.


Hope it helps,

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