W3 Total Cache settings check? (because it works :-))


Question to double check.

I installed WP + Pro (child)

Also activated W3 Total Cache.

Was curious if it would work when setting JS and CSS minify to auto and enable both, not excluding files.

I could not detect any issues, but read here in this forum that it should be set to manual and certain JS (and CSS?) files should be excluded?

Did you maybe update the theme so it’s not needed anymore or have I overlooked something?

Cheers Carlo

Hi Carlo,

Thanks for writing in! By default, X/Pro serves minified CSS/JavaScript. So if you enable CSS/JS autominifications, it may cause when rendering layouts etc.

Please review our performance guide on our knowledge base section (https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/customizations-performance/210) to see how you can utilize W3 Total Cache plugin.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the swift reply.

The KB section does exactly the same… advise to set to “auto” instead of manual.

I am aware that pro comes with minified CSS/JS, and I have read about issues.

However I would like to use the very best settings and wether I set to manual or auto , going to the help section no JS or CSS files are detected anyway.

So should I exclude scripts and files or leave as is?

Cheers carlo

Hey Carlo,

Please note that the settings we’ve suggested in the article is only a guide or foundation. It might not be the best setting for you as stated in that article:

It’s also stated that:

It’s not a one size fits all solution but only a guide to help you get started optimizing your site. We can’t actually diagnose optimization issues in your site as that would be custom work which is outside the scope of our support.


Thank you for the update… as mentioned before I don’t have issues :slight_smile: so maybe you didn’t understand the question.

When I check in W3Total Cache > manual setting for minification > it discovers the theme, but in help it doesn’t list any JS or CSS files…

Is there a list of JS and CSS files for Pro that can be left out if needed?

Cheers Carlo

Yes, I understood you don’t have issues. I should have added that we could not say what is best for your site optimization varies from site to site.

Basically, you can exclude all of the theme resources by targeting them by regex like themes/x/*. That is recommended for future proofing because files might change in the future. For more details, please contact W3TC’s support to learn how to exclude all the theme’s resources.

You will also want to exclude the cornerstone-endpoint directory from being cached.


Hi Christian,

Thanks for the tip but all bit confusing…

I use “pro” and child theme, should I not use themes/pro-child/* and themes/pro/* ?

Would that also not include the cornerstone-endpoint automatically?

What about other posts where I read to exclude:

wp-content/themes/pro/framework/dist/js/site/x.js —>>> actually this is they only file I have in this folder

CSS files to exclude?

Since W3 Total cache doesn’t list any of these files it is hard to tell which ones to exclude just to be on the safe side.

So to recap, it would be nice (for all users of X and pro) to have a list of files etc to exclude… that prevents also all future service requests :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping again

Hi There,

Sorry for the confusions, let me clarify things. The guide about W3 TOTAL CACHE that we provided here is actually the settings that we recommend and it works (well, not for all).

You see, not all sites have the same setup, you might have a plugin that others don’t, others might have a different server configuration than yours, a lot of things come into play when tweaking a site performance or in general, so we can not really guarantee what works for you, will work to others and vice versa. And those are the sites that we are suggesting to exclude the Pro (or X) files so it does not get caught from a minifying/caching issue.

Even some caching documentation has warnings that tells you or something along these lines.
“Make sure that these settings are updated with a great deal of testing. When minified, JavaScript can result in odd behavior when it’s minified.”

Configuring W3 Total Cache: Advanced Minification Settings

Yes, that is correct. Christian’s suggestion is for X theme.

Hope this shed some lights,

May I ask one more question.

I can understand that you guys don’t support 3rd party plugins, but what caching (if any) would you recommend using with Theme Pro?

Cheers Carlo

Hello Carlo,

We do not have an official recommendation of which caching plugin to use. One thing I could say is that most of our users were using W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WP Fastest Cache, Hummingbird and Autoptimize plugin. These are the most common that we see in the user’s sites.

Hope this helps.

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