Visual Composer will not work

Hi there, I have had X Theme since 2014. I haven’t touched the website for 3 or so years and I cannot modify the content anymore because visual composer will not load.
Is there a work around? I don’t want to have to redesign the site because this plugin broke.
Many thanks! I do not mind paying for support, think there was an option for this?

Hi @Kangaroo,

Thanks for writing in.

This could be a problem because many things has happened already and there were a lot of versions already release. Not just our release but also wordpress and other 3rd plugins release. The best that I could suggest is that you will create your site again from scratch using cornerstone or visual composer. This way it is updated and we could easily identify the problem.

If you don’t want to start again, I could not guarantee that we could fix it however we will do our best to help.

Share us your admin credentials so we could check your setup closer.

Don’t forget to set it in a secure note.


Hey Nico, thanks for the help. I would prefer if we could work with how it is but if worse comes to worse I would redesign the site.

Hi @Kangaroo,

Sure, first, let us try increasing your memory allocation. I could see that you site is quite slowly loading. To increase it manually, please edit your wp-config.php file and insert these lines:

define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M' );
define( 'WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT', '512M' );

You can add it before the line
/*That's all, stop editing! Happy Blogging. */

Usually, hosting does not permit manual increase of memory. Try contacting your hosting to increase your memory allocation.

Let us know how it goes.


Thanks Nico, inserted that into the wp-content file. Also talked to hosting provider and they have increased the memory.
VC still doesn’t seem to load though

Hi Blake,

Thank you for the credentials, I did check your site and saw that you did stick to the old versions (X 3.2.3, X Shortcodes 3.0.5, WPBakery Visual Composer 4.3.5, X Extensions 1.0.0), there is no problem on sticking to the old version, however, you did updated the WordPress to its latest version 4.9.6. And that seems to cause compatibility issues on your site, you might have other issues than the Visual Composer that you might not have discovered yet.

What we advise for now (the short way) is to revert your WordPress back to its original version when you have installed it. You can download the previous versions of WordPress here, and downgrade your site.

The other solution on this (the long way) is to duplicate your site on a staging server and update everything in there first (X, Cornerstone, WPBakery Visual Composer, X Extensions, and other Plugins) then upload the updates on the live site after a successful (no issues) updating process. This way, we can update your site without having a downtime on your live site.

You can see the latest versions of X and Extensions here.

You can follow the Migration process here on cloning your site.

This article is for updating WordPress (which you already have), see the Manual Update section, you can do the same thing for downgrading the WordPress. Or you can contact your hosting to restore the site from the date before your WordPress was updated.

For updating your Themes and Extensions

Then, install the Cornerstone page builder under X > Validation. After that deactivate and delete the x-shortcodes plugins. Cornerstone is taking over for x-shortcodes. Cornerstone is the official page builder of X.

Keep in mind that any pages that created prior to Cornerstone (built in shortcode or VC), can’t be edited in Cornerstone. Unless you rebuilt them in Cornerstone.

After that update your 3rd party plugins.

You might need to re-validate the X again after you update to the latest version Product Validation

Let us know how it goes,

Hey Friech, thanks for the reply. By staging server do you mean another server to setup the website on?
Could I just use another directory on the website host?

Hello @Kangaroo,

Thanks for updating the thread.

There is no need to copy the website to a different website. You can upgrade on the same host. It’s just to make sure that in between upgrading the website in case any issue comes up, we have the option to troubleshoot the problem without effecting the live website. Please give special attention to the update guide and follow the steps mentioned in the same.


I’ve had a play around trying to migrate the website and use the new version of Cornerstone.
I think it will be easier to downgrade the website. I am on wordpress 4.9.6 do you know which one would be best to downgrade to?
Do I just need to backup the website as well?

I am not sure how to setup the staging server. Do I backup wordpress on the host side?

Hi Blake,

You surely will need to back up the website. But I am not sure about the version of the WordPress, you need to use the same version which your website was working ok on.

I suggest that you contact your hosting service provider and ask them to give you a backup of for example a month ago to be able to have the previous version.

If there is no backup try an old version of Wordpress after you completely backup your website and see what happens/

Please consider that cloning your website and working for the upgrade will be a long process as my colleague mentioned as you basically have an ancient version of the theme and the content. Nearly none of the pages will be possible to edit anymore and you will need to recreate them. Even the pages that you added with Visual Composer will not work as VC changed the whole structure about 1.5 years ago and as your website is 3 years old the content will not be valid for the new version of the Visual Composer.

I strongly suggest that you install a new version of the theme and try to recreate the pages with the Cornerstone.

Moving a WordPress website to a staging state is not part of our support scope but you can check this article for more information. I suggest that you contact your hosting service provider to get help regarding the migration.

Thank you.

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