Visual Composer Stuck on Loading Screen

Could you please advise on the fix to the following:

When trying to edit a page using Visual Composer, the page becomes stuck on the VC loading screen.

I have deleted the current VC and reinstalled via the X > Extensions Link.

Currently Running WP 5.2, X 3.2.3 and VC 4.3.5.

Many Thanks,

Hey @joshnurse,

Thanks for writing in. The issue here is most probably version incompatibility with the latest version of WordPress and outdated X, Cornerstone and Visual Composer (now known as WPBakery Page Builder).

Themes and plugins need to be updated to be compatible with WordPress amongst other important reasons like security. With that said, please backup your site first and uninstall Cornerstone and Visual Composer.

Next, since you’re using a very old version of X, you need to manually update it first. You can read the Manual Update instruction in our Setup - Updating Your Themes and Plugins at

You might also need to revalidate X as we have changed our validation system a few versions after the version you’re using. You can read Product Validation process at

During the product validation stage, X will automatically reinstall Cornerstone for you.

After that, reinstall Visual Composer in X > Validation.

You can let us know if the issue persists after that.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for that, I have reinstalled to updated X theme, however, none of the visual composer options are now available and the layout of the site has changed dramatically.

Can you please advise.

Hi @joshnurse,

I checked and WP Bakery is loading fine, may I know which page issue? And you must also activate X Legacy integration in Admin > WPBakery Page Builder > General Settings.

Else, the element you built related to cornerstone/X will not be rendered within the WPBakery builder.


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