Visual Composer edit text issue


we have an issue with editing text in VC - drop down edit menu is invisible on click, opens in the back of the window.

I recorded our issue here -

Thanks for help.

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What version you’re on? This was reported before and already fixed in the next version. Please update your visual composer first. Else, please provide your site’s URL and login credentials in a secure note for further checking.


We downloaded the lates x theme with Visual Composer, however that version is 5.1.1 and actual VC should be 5.2.1. I there a place where we can download an uprade for VC?


To update the plugin, check this article:

We tried update Visual composer by that article, but it still doesnt work correctly.

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We can’t view the site it requires authentication. Would you mind deactivating that authentication and try to update your plugin again.


Oh sorry, authentication code is in secure note down here.

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Thanks for the credentials, you should able to update your X Theme, Cornerstone, Visual Composer and other extensions under Dashboard > Updates (Nástěnka > Aktualizace). But you need to validate your X theme first under X > Overview, because right now it is not validated.

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