Viewport does not keep the position when tilting smartphones to landscape mode


when the smartphone is switched to landscape mode the position changes. I believe it happens due to different aspect ratios for different devices of some sliders.

Do you have an idea how we can avoid this?

Thank you!

Hey @ingo,

Thanks for reaching out!

I check your website on an actual device in portrait and landscape mode but they are just showing fine on my end. Would you mind sharing more information on how to replicate your issue? Providing screenshots or videos is a great help.

Thank you.

Thanks for your reply.

After switching from portrait to landscape mode the position changes. You will see the content somewhere further down the page. It would be great if there is a solution to stick to the position when you change from portrait to landscape mode.

Hello @ingo,

Please edit your Slider and in your Slider settings, change the #masthead to .masthead. You may also disable “Ignore Mobile Height Changes” option.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

Thanks for the idea.

But it did not solve the problem.

Hello @ingo,

Yes, it will not resolve it. It is only a correction to your Slider Settings where you have inserted an incorrect Container element selector.

Since you are currently using a premium slider template and have a registered Slider Revolution plugin, we highly recommend that you contact the Slider Revolution support for further assistance. They should be able to give a resolution to this issue which may have came from the premium template that you are using.

Thank you for your understanding.

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