View Basket button disabled by Integrity

Hello there,

The View Basket button that normally appears when you add to cart is disabled - see attached pic. How can I enable this?



Hello @finkk,

Thanks for writing in! You have a different product layout display. Are you using a plugin? I have checked your site and I only got “Read More” so I cannot actually test the add to basket.

Usually, the View Basket link will only appear right after you have clicked the “Add to Cart” or “Add to Basket” button. If you want to display the View Basket always, please add the following CSS code in the X > Theme Options > Global CSS (

.woocommerce li.product .added_to_cart{
  display: block;

Just be aware that adding this code will display “View Basket” button in each of the product items.

Hope this helps.

Hi @ruenel

Thanks for getting back.

I thought the View Cart button appeared in the place of the Add the Cart button once it is clicked?

Using display: block on the View button displays it at the very bottom instead. It also displays it permanently, not when Add to Cart is clicked. Integrity seems to be hiding it. See:

Even when I remove my custom css, the positioning is still very different. See:

I have added a login for you in the secure note.

My other question is how do I activate Ajax Add to Cart in the Pro theme Woocommerce settings?

Any clues would be greatly received!



Hello Spencer,

Thanks for providing the credentials. I ended up adding the custom css in your Theme Options > Custom;

.woocommerce li.product .added_to_cart{
  display: block;

The “View Basket” now displays after you click the Add to cart button. I also inspected your homepage and you are using WooCommerce shortcode. Be advice that you haven’t selected a Shop page or opted not to assign any page as your shop page. Normally, the AJAX Added to Cart display will display in the shop page which can be tested here:

It should display in your site as it is using Integrity stack. This could be caused by a 3rd party plugin. You could try testing for a plugin conflict. You can do this by deactivating all third party plugins, and seeing if the problem remains. If it’s fixed, you’ll know a plugin caused the problem, and you can narrow down which one by reactivating them one at a time.

Hope this helps. Kindly let us know.

Hi @ruenel,

Thanks for getting back, and thanks for your help.

I’m not able to assign a specific shop page as there isn’t one.

I can see the View Basket button appearing, but I am not getting the Ajax animation as shown in your screen grab above. Is it possible to use Ajax without assigning the shop page?

I’ll follow your instructions and go through the plugins. I’m not getting an console errors, so this will be interesting :slight_smile:



Hi Spencer,

Try the solution provided here, this still works on my end.


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