Video size in Slider Revolution

I am trying to get the video that I have placed in RevSlider to just be 100% width and height.
It seems that everything I do has no effect.
Please find the login info attached in a secure note.

You will see that there are 2 different videos.
The Slider Revolution one (the topmost video) is cropped somehow
The video further down, displays properly.

Any help would be appreciated.


To make it full width, you can turn off inner container of your row element.

You can also utilize the theme’s Slider Below Masthead Feature instead of adding the slider in your content area.


Thank you for your reply.
I will try your suggestions.
It is not that I want it full width, I just don’t want it cropped.
You can see the lower video displays correctly
That’s all I am trying to achieve


I attempted to make the changes you suggested … to no avail.
Now you can see that there is a total of 3 videos on the page.
The bottom one is the only one that displays correctly
The first 2 are cropped and do not display all of the video (you can see this if you watch them)

Please advise on how to display the video in rev slider so that it appears correct (like the bottom video).
Thx again.


I checked and can see that the inner container is still on for that row.

I would like to login but the usual wp login url doesn’t work
I tried /wp-admin or /wp-login.php, can you provide us your login url in Secure Note


I tried it without the inner container and saw no difference, so I put it back.

Hey Chad,

Sorry for the confusion. The very important thing to consider here first is Aspect Ratio so what you’re trying to achieve is not possible with any tool because this is a spatial limitation in design. Specifically, it’s because of aspect ratio mismatch.

Your video has a squarish aspect ratio and if you make it fullscreen, it will be cropped because it does not match the aspect ratio of the screen or section real estate which is commonly a wide landscape rectangle. You will need to edit your video to match precisely the width and height of the section which I believe isn’t feasible though because of this is the case, you will need to post a lot of videos with different aspect ratios to cover all the different screen sizes and aspect ratios.

You can see a quick explanation in this screencast:

If black bars are allowed to show like your bottom video, you can disable the Force Cover option of the video background in Slider Revolution. You then use Paul’s suggestion and change the Slider Layout to Fullscreen so your slider spans fullwidth and height of the screen.

The login credentials didn’t work by the way.


Thx @christian_y
I have attached images of the password and login info in a secure note.
I totally understand what you are saying about the variable aspect ration!
Black bars on the sides are fine.
I just need it to look like the bottom-most video
I did Disable Cover option
I also changed the Layout to Fullscreen … No luck

I was able to login now and I see the options doesn’t work. I’ll post this in our issue tracker as I’ve just replicated this also.

Can you instead, move the BG Video section on top of the page and disable Slider Below Masthead? See Secure Note.

Or, use set the Main Background to Transparent and instead add a Video Layer with these settings.

You can also offset the header and admin bar so your slider stays flushed on the screen regardless of screen size by adding their selectors (.x-masthead, #wpadminbar) to the Increase/Decrease Fullscreen Height field.

In desktop, it should look like this:

And this in mobile:

Hope that helps.

Thank you!
That is 99% what I wanted.

Last question … I promise :stuck_out_tongue:
Is there any way to set a max-height for the video?
For example: I do not want them to have to scroll down to see the rest of the video or next page section.
Tablet and lower resolutions look fine.
Just desktop and laptop the video is too large (and you don’t see the “Our Services” portion.


Hi @XSO,

It’s not possible with that current setup, and setting max-height isn’t going to be responsive. It should respond depending on the scaling of the slider.


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