Video Poster Image loads first instead of background video every time the home page is loaded

Hi I notice every time I load my home page for a split few seconds the poster image for mobile picture loads first and then the video header loads and it never used to do that. If you could please check out my home page you will notice the mobile image first and then the video. It is a little annoying so I was wondering if you could let me know what you think is causing this and what I can do to fix it.

Hi Andrea,

Thank you for writing in, but that is not an issue, the cover image also serves as a thumbnail until the video is loaded enough to be played. I only saw the cover image once though when I first loaded the site and that is understandable since my browser cache the video and it loaded immediately the next time I visit the site.

It seems your video is already optimized, a caching plugin might help improve your site performance.



Hi Thanks for your response. Is there a way to not have the cover image serve as a thumbnail while the video loads? Thanks for your time!

Woud you recommend a hero video header instead with Pro? Would that help with the thumbnail showing up first? Could it be because I switched over to Pro from X that the thumbnail shows up now at first where it didn’t do that before?

Hi again,

You can simply remove the poster image if you don’t want it to be displayed.

Hope this helps!

If I remove the poster image will there be an image there on mobile device still? I have the video header set up but I need it to display this poster image when it is on mobile only. Could you please advise?

Hi @amiller671

In this case, I suggest creating a whole different page structure, the new structure will include two sections, one for desktop and the other one for mobile devices, you can control that via each section visibility option:

To include the slider in a section, you can use the slider shortcode in a Content Area element.

Regarding the slider itself, you can create a new slider with a video background in Revolution Slider following this tutorial:

that has a cover image feature too, but only set this image for the mobile version.


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