Video Post Error 404 Code Issue

Any progress on the update for the embed code? I have over 200 posts on my site with video embeds that are all broken now with the update.

Please help! Thank you!

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Hello Chris,

Thanks for writing in!

Unfortunately, I still don’t have an ETA on the updates and the bug that my colleague Christian confirmed. It’s reported in our Github tracker. Our developers have been informed about the said bug and are working for a fix. However, I am not in a position to share ETA on the same.

I would suggest you to keep an eye on the changelog page for latest product announcements.

For now, you have the option of downgrading to previous stable release of X Theme and Cornerstone that can be downloaded from members area. If you choose to go with this, please setup a staging server of your website and in that test the stable release first. Here’s some resources that you can refer:

Thanks for understanding.

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