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I have used your video element but it is not working as expected. I have uploaded the video via media box provided in cornerstone and i have add the the link in the source/poster box. the video does not load at all. Whats more confusing is the src/poster box, because what should actually go in there? as now it uses the path of the video for the src AND the poster, to my understanding this should not be like that.

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The src/poster box accepts multiple video extensions and poster image for cross browser compatibility. You need to separate the links of the video file with pipe | Character. So an example can be like this: | |

For further investigation we will need URL/User/Pass of your Wordpress Dashboard. You can provide information using the Secure Note functionality of the post.
Thank you.

well you guys seriously need to indicated the usage of that input better, as nowhere does it state to use the pipe, i mean usually stuff like that is comma separated.

the page where the vidoe will go is products page. Note i have uploaded the vid both on the server directly and used the media importer

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Thank you for the credentials. Please try to set Autoplay to ON. See this:
Let us know how this goes.

The video now works but this is not going to work i dont want the video to play on screen load, what makes it even worse is that there are no controls even though the setting to hide controls is off. so clearly there is a bug in your video element code and i can actually see there is a bug because if you hover on the flip card on that page you can briefly see the video.

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There is no bug, you need to add a poster image.

I have added one for you and it works now.

Hope it helps

Oh my word, you guys then seriously need improve the UX on that element nowhere does it state you HAVE to add a poster for the player to work, and that doesn’t make sense either, why cant the video itself not just show, why must there be an image. absolutely terrible, i still think its a bug because why didnt the first support guy tell me the issue was the poster but anyway. thanks for the help.

Hi There,

Sorry, I expressed myself badly.

You need to have working image, you had a broken link there, and that will make that your video does not work.

As you can see I removed the image and it works fine, but it would not with a broken poster image.

Hope it clarifies.

Thank you

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