Video Options

Can an embedded video (from YouTube) be configured to open in new window or popup or be redirected to the YouTube channel?

Hey Wendell,

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If you add the video using the iframe source code from Youtube to your website. Then, if you click the title of the video it will automatically redirect to the Youtube URL.

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No popup option?

Hey Wendell,

Regretfully, there’s no option to do that!

Thank you.

Thanks for letting me know, marc_a

so…that fix does not work. here’s what I typed in the window:

One more thing: THIS is the embed code from Youtube had iframe code included. NOW I’m confused…

Hi Wendell,

Is that the Title of the Youtube video does not redirect to the Youtube as said by my colleague in his post? If that is the case, please share the URL where you are having this problem for further investigation.


Hey! I had to reread the first sentence a couple of times, to understand what you are trying to say. We have a real issue to solve.

Seems like you’re saying the title of the video has to be clicked for the redirect to Youtube to work. It does, but that is counterintuitive. In real life, 99% of people click the middle of the video window, not the title of the video. The middle of the video window is where I clicked. That’s where the client clicked. The red button in the middle of the screen is also where you’re drawn, visually. The client is not pleased with the video playing on the site, in a small window.

Here’s the issue— I followed the steps in your documentation for the video modal. (We are using the embed video instructions, not the player instructions.) When the red “play” circle is clicked, the video plays, just not on Youtube or in another, larger window. By habit, folks click the middle of the Youtube video, not the title.


Can we fix this?

Here’s a real life example from an email, I got just today.
If you click anywhere in the video window, you get a redirect toYoutube. THAT is what we want!

Hello Wendell,

You like to have something like this?

Actually, it is just a screenshot of the video and then linked to the Youtube video so that when a user click on it, it opens a new tab to play the video. If this is something you want, using a Modal element or embedding a Youtube video is not the needed solution. All you need to do is to get a screenshot of the video and use it in an Image element then link it to the actual Youtube video.

Hope this makes sense.