Video background image through Wordpress and Theme X

Hello there,
I am trying to add a video as the background cover image to one of my landing pages. Our site is hosted through wordpress but we use Theme X to build our pages. I’ve read that you can add plugins or code to get a video up but can’t seem to figure out how to do it. Please help

Hi @edixon,

Thank you for reaching out to us. You can add a background video to a section easily using Cornerstone. First add a section then under Setup enable Advanced Background option. You’ll see Background Lower Layer and Background Upper Layer options. Under Background Lower Layer select the Video type and input your Video Source in the field (see screenshot)

If you don’t see those option then you need to enable the advanced mode first (see screenshot)

Another option to add a background video is using Revolution Slider above / below masthead. To do this edit your page in WordPress page editor, activate the Slider Settings: Above / Below Masthead and then include your video URL in Optional Background Video.

For this you would need to create a transparent slide and slider. To learn more about Revolution Slider please see

You can also add a background video using a static layer in Revolution Slider please see

Hope this helps!

Hi Nabeel, thanks so much for the information! Do I need the pro version to use “Revolution Slider above / below masthead” This is what my options look like in the WordPress editor view.

Hi There @edixon

You don’t need Pro version to set Revolution Slider above or below masthead. You can do it on your X theme as well.

Please make sure that you’re fully updated including X theme and Cornerstone plugin by referring to the version numbers here ( and then follow our update guide here (

Then once you click on the Edit link of your page,

You can see those options below page settings

If you’re still having issues, provide us with your WordPress login credentials in a secure note to check this further.


Hi @mldarshana

Thanks so much for sending those steps! My Cornerstone and X theme are updated to the versions you referred too. I still do not see the “Slide Setting” in my edit option. Here’s what it looks like on my end

I will send a secure note with my wordpress login credentials so you can help. Thanks again

Hello @edixon,

Thanks for updating the thread.

For that you need to first install and activate Revolution Slider plugin from X > Validation > Extensions which I see is not installed. Here’s the resource that you can refer to get started.


Hi Prasant,

Thanks for the information! Now that it’s download, I go to the dropdown and Active is not an option, why is that?

Hi There @edixon

First you need to create a slider or import one from some free sliders here ( Then the drop-down will populate with the sliders that you have created, so that you can choose one to display on that particular page. You can refer to our documentation for more information (

Also you can check slider revolution documentation and their tutorials from the following link (

Hope that helps.

Thank you @mldarshana I’ve got it working!

You’re welcome. Glad we’re able to help.

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