Vertical align button


I would like to vertically align the button seen here:

So that the button is centered with regards to the text

How can I achieve this?


Hi Camille,

Thank you for reaching out to us. To vertical align any element please follow the instructions here or checkout the following thread

Hope this helps!


Thanks for your response. I don’t seem to be able to vertically align the following elements in each row, despite following the instructions:

Hi Camille,

I can’t find and check the issue from your site’s page in your account.

Though, if you’ll update to the latest Pro/Cornerstone then please ignore the previous threads and instead, please check this video for applicable vertical alignment.

But if you wish to stay with your current version, then please provide the URL where we can check it.


Can’t find the flexbox layout for this section:

Hi Camille,

In that case, I recommend re-creating that section with new sections, rows, and columns. The new versions has a lot of option that you can utilize.

But seems you’re already using those new sections, rows, and columns. Then please make sure to enable the advance mode by clicking the cog icon and enable it in preference section.

That should display all other missing options.


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