Verification doesnt work


Somehow under the way my xtheme starting to behave differently. I the dashboard it is no longer called X but X_Titel and I cant verify it. Getting the following error massage: We’ve checked your code, but it doesn’t appear to be a valid license. Please double check the code and try again.

i double checked, it is valid.

Hello @RHN,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Title getting changed from X to X_Titel is quite weird, are you runing any translation plugin or service as X_Titel is Dutch word? As for licence can you please revoke the licence and try validating again? You can refer following tutorial for more information.


No translation plugins. I run wpml on the staging version but there x looks just fine.

i revoked the lisence and reasigned it, no change. i activated a different theme, reactivted x, reasigned the liscense, no change.

Hi There,

Did you rename the theme ? It should be X under /wp-content/themes/x

Then make sure that you’re fully updated including X theme and Cornerstone plugins. You can check the latest version numbers from here (

You can refer to our update guide here (


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