Velvet Blues Update URLs Has removed all my work!

Hi There

I really need your help,

I recently mirgrated my wordpress site and thought i’d use Velvet Blues Update URLs for the first time and i need help. I have updated the following:

URLs in page content ( posts, pages, custom post types, revisions )
URLs in excerpts
URLs in links
URLs for attachments ( images, documents, general media )
URLs in custom fields and meta boxes

Once i checked them all and made the change, everything was gone, from every page, i am really worried… I did check the individual pages and it looks like the cornerstone code is still there but shows nothing.

I tried reversing the action and still nothing comes up


no backup no mercy

How is that helpful?

I didn’t even know why a simple plugin that wpbeginner recommended just goes and wipes all my hardwork out, not showing my content, my pro headers and footers are still there but not the main content, the main content exists in the wordpress page itself but not in the XTheme Editor

It can’t even insert my old templates anymore, I am so upset by this…

Anyone please help?

Hello Sayyam,

Thanks for writing in! Please contact your hosting provider. Ask them to revert back to your site backup prior to the time that you install the Velvet Blues Update URL plugin. Your hosting provider should have a daily backup of your site.

Just for future topics, self responding or bumping your post pushes it back in our Queue system so it takes longer to respond to.

Please let us know how it goes.

ok thanks, it’s just that it was me having a panic attack and i needed a response or some help, but i understand now, i will keep you updated

All fixed, thanks for the valuable advice

Glad to hear that, Sayyam!

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