Various questions from a newbie re homepage, white space, fonts and featured content


I’m building my WP website on X theme and have a few questions. The site existed before I got X, so already had features like widgets etc

  1. On Homepage, I have ‘featured posts’ at the bottom
    a. How do I select what shows up there on the homepage? I’d like to curate the content from different posts
    b. I added the Cornerstone > Posts element, but it only shows 4 featured posts. Ideally I’d like to have masonry style in the featured posts area, and show bigger images, i’s looking tiny and sad at the moment
    c. I have 3 clickable squares on the home page. How do I make them bigger? I already used the eye symbol but this is the biggest I can get. I also made the content area/margins as big as I could. What are my options to make these 3 images look more substantial?

  2. Same question as 1.i. but for the ‘related’ posts at the bottom of each post in ‘blog’. For example, the ‘metamorphosis’ post below, appears as related to a recent post, but it is much older and is also categorised under something else. Why is it being suggested here? How do I curate what appears here?

  3. There’s too much white space between sections (cornertone> layout) how do I minimise that space?

  4. At the top of every page, the title of the page appears in big letters
    a. For example, Home, Blog - can I edit the size and colour
    b. in some cases it even says in big letters:
    ‘Category Archive
    Below you’ll find a list of all posts that have been categorized as….’
    How do I remove this?

  5. Same question as 4., for comment/reply at the bottom of each post. The default font is so big, bigger than the headings. As far as I remember I kept all the stack’s default fonts so don’t know why this is happening

  6. Menus
    a. I managed to create a main menu in WP, used the same process to create a ‘secondary’ one which I thought would be smaller, and go above the logo in the header (with something like blog and contact) but not being able to do that
    b. The ‘menu’ doesn’t appear in X> cornerstone > options. Just header, footer, blog, social media etc. But I’ve seen screenshots that show it, how do I add it, so it’s easier to manage it all from X?

  7. If I search the site for a word and there are no results, It just shows me a blank page with the title of a page I have called ‘start here’
    a. how to I create a bespoke message for searched that return no results?
    b. Or at least show a standard message that makes sense and now my ‘start here’ page title?

Thank you!

Hi there,

1-a) You added the Recent Posts Element in the last section of the Homepage and that is responsible for the blog items. You can use the items there to add blog posts from a specific category:

For more information:

1-b) Unfortunately we do not have such a feature out of the box. You will have a better chance using the Essential Grids extension which is bundled with the theme and add the grid as you like and then you will have an Essential Grid element at hand in the Cornerstone to add it wherever you want.

For more information:

1-c) You can use the Marginless Feature to make the gap between each column go away and have bigger ones. To do so go to the Cornerstone> Section > Row that you have the images, click on the Magnifying Glass icon and enable that option:

  1. That section is not part of our theme. It seems that it is generated from the Jetpack plugin. Read this article for more information:

  2. You can use the method I told in 1-c and also you can use the helper classes to reduce the margins:

To add a class to a section or row or a column go to the proper option settings and click on the customize tab:

If you are using the new section in the latest version you will already have options for margin and padding already:

4-a) The title of each page follows the pattern of the headings which you set in theme options. Go to X > Launch > Options > Typography > Root Font Size and change the font sizes there properly and it will affect the size of the header.

Alternatively, you can add the CSS code below to X > Launch > Options > CSS:

.h-landmark {
    font-size: 25px;

Change the 25px to whatever value you like.

4-b) You can go to Posts > Categories select a category and you can change the title there as you wish:

  1. The comments section is generated by a 3rd party plugin. The code generated has different markup than the original theme. You need to add the CSS code below:
#theChampReplyTitle {
    font-size: 25px;

I use the Google Chrome Developer Toolbar to find out which CSS code selectors I need to use:

6-a) Our theme does not support the Secondary Menu. You need to add the menu links HTML code manually by going to X > Launch > Options > Header > TopBar enabling it and adding your code there:

6-b) It is part of the WordPress and not X. You need to manage it from Appearance > Menus. The WordPress itself gives an option to manage the menus from Appearance > Customize too.

  1. If you mean the result below:

That text is generated automatically by the theme. To change that you need to follow the same steps you would do to translate the theme but this time instead of translating you can add the text you like instead. For more information:

It seems that you are new to our theme. I strongly suggest that you bookmark our knowledgebase overview article which lists all available resources which you can search and find steps you will need to follow in most cases:

Kindly open up new threads for additional questions as it will help us to focus on each issue and give you a better support which you deserve. Having a long threads makes the maintaining job harder and also it will be harder for the other customers to find the correct information if they have similar issues. You are always welcomed to reply to this thread to follow up the same question.

Thank you.

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