Validation of x-theme license moved from one hosting site to another

OK, I’m at the new host, logged in to wordpress and in the dashboard. It says to input my Envato purchase code. I already had done that. I clicked on manage my license directly on my Themeco account. I’m there. It says I converted it on August 13, which is when I did it before my old hosting expired. It says my production site is at My new host is and that is my site address. When I open it says bluehost powered website…new wordpress site coming soon. From the bluehost cpanel home I see welcome and login to wordpress. I do so and get the dashboard I was used to seeing in my old site, but that’s where I’m getting that my x-theme is not validated. What do I have to do now?

OK, I was able to validate it for the new site.

Sorry to resurrect this, but it’s not working again. I get message to revoke and reissue, but I don’t know how to do this.

I followed the instructions on re-assigning in your “Product Validation” link, but I keep getting the same message.

OK, again, after repeated efforts, finally it worked, but I have no idea what I did right. Frustrating.


Hi There,

Glad your sorted things out,

For others, even if you change hosting as long as your license is assigned to your (correct) domain, you should be able to validate your Theme.

Manage Licenses
Product Validation


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Hello @silvanet,

To avoid any confusion which results in slow response time, I request you to please create a new ticket and someone from Support Team will take a look to help you with the issue.