Validation errors breaking my site

We’ve gone live from a testing site where we had the theme license registered to. That testing site has been removed and I’ve updated the address under my license at… I’m getting validation errors and it keeps trying to load the /testing on the site itself. The site is which I’ve tossed back into maintenance mode. The issue is that when I put in the valid license it tells me it’s not valid. When I update it on it tells me that it’s valid. I’m copying and pasting. How can this not be valid?

by the way the testing site was at the same domain. I can understand only allowing one active install but that is legitimately all we have up there. The testing environment has been removed yet I’m getting these errors.

The error I’m getting is:

We’ve checked the code, but it doesn’t appear to be an Cornerstone purchase code or Themeco license. Please double check the code and try again.

I’m coping and pasting the code as it’s listed on my list of licenses. How can it not be a valid license if it shows as valid under my account?

If I buy another license just to get the site live will you reimburse me when you get around to fixing this issue with your validation engine? I need to get this site live.

I’ve sat here watching as other posts posted after mine are answered. It says they’ll be addressed in the order they were received which is not happening. Please tell me why your validation engine registers my license as invalid!!!

Hi there,

We do understand your frustration but please note that the tickets are answered from oldest to newest BUT bumping or posting new replies to your own thread will push your ticket to the back of the queue which is why your ticket is not getting any response while the other ticket which are posted around your first ticket were already handled.

So please be patient as it is our priority to attend to each ticket as fast as we can but we won’t be able to do that if you keep on pushing your ticket at the end of the queue or posting a new thread every 5 minutes.

You can find more information about our Community Guidelines here:

Also, the other duplicate tickets that you posted will be closed to avoid confusion so kindly refer to this main thread.

Now as for the issue you are having, based on the error message you have included which is:

It seems that you only have Cornerstone installed on your site which you are trying to validate using your X license.

Kindly double check and make sure X is installed and enabled on your site then try to validate the theme.

In case the issue persists, please try to temporarily disable all the third party plugins that you are using. If you have some customizations assigned to the plugins, please make sure to keep a full backup of your site in case you will need it.

If all of these fails, please provide us with the license you are trying to use to validate and the admin details of your site in a Secure Note (key icon below your response) so that we could assist you further.

Thank you.

X is installed. I’ve bought another license to try that license # and I still get the same error.

Actually the error is worse as it tells me that the $$$ I just spent was unrelated because of course it does. Since there is clearly something wrong with your validation engine. I’ve got less than 2 hours to get this working or I’m going to have to roll back the site to old one and wait another 2 weeks before I can get back to it which my client will not be happy about.

Hi there,

I have just tested each of your license and tried to validate an X setup using each one of them and all worked fine so the issue is possibly on your setup.

Also, I was able to replicate the validation error you mentioned when I had X deactivated and Cornerstone was still active and tried to validate Cornerstone using the X license:

We could look into this further by checking your site’s current setup so kindly provide your admin access of the site your are trying to validate in a Secure Note.

Thank you.

Hi Don,

Thanks for providing the details.

I have checked your site and you are indeed trying to validate Cornerstone with an X license. Doing this will fail to validate since there are also separate licenses for standalone Cornerstone (sites that use other themes).

The current theme active on your site is BluMenByWDO. Kindly activate X or X Child Theme then you should be able to see an X validation option on the sidebar where you could use your license to validate. You should see this when you active X:

Hope this helps.

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